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Hey There!


It's me. Your blonde-hair, blue-eyed vine reference queen. 


For starters, it was difficult to find images of me that I don't dislike. As weird as it sounds, I haven't figured out how to smile on command, which is why you'll find me behind the camera rather than in front of it.


I'm a Sioux Falls based designer with multiple passions including graphic design (especially branding & typography), interior design & architecture, embroidery, and photography (as you'll see here). 

I spent my college days at SDSU leaving with a major in interior design, a minor in graphic design, & a handful of other minors gathered along the way. With the eventual acceptance that interior design wasn't the career path for me, I decided to shift my focus to graphics & photography. 


As a designer, I love nothing more that creating! Whether it's with my hands or on the computer, it's a challenge I enjoy taking on everyday. This includes bringing ideas to life evoking specific moods; collectively brainstorming to reach a goal; capturing memories that loved ones will look back on; and finding inspiration in everyday materials.


About Me


about me

- Bonus mom to an 8 year old girl.

- One of my goals is to design & build my own tiny house. I love the challenge of puzzling together living spaces in an organized manner. 

          - CON: Small closet space & needing a truck to pull it...

- Thrifting, antiquing, garage sales are my jam.

- Traveled the country as a D1 heptathlete & pentathlete. Hurdles, high jump, & 800m were my favorite events to compete in.

One of my minors from college is Film Studies. I couldn't get enough learning about little known facts, discovering easter eggs, watching behind the scenes, seeing where inspiration came from.

          - Favorite Genre: horror, war, & comedy.

          - Anything created by Clint Eastwood is an instant favorite.

- I have a patent for a Maker Table! Check it out here!

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