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“As an African American female, I have always felt insecure about myself in society. I didn’t think my face features were as beautiful as my classmates or other people. I remember in middle school when a teacher asked the students about what group of people have bigger lips and they all said “black people”. Being the only black student, I felt all eyes on me. I wished I looked like my classmates; I didn’t want to be the student who looked different.

I felt like my face features didn’t meet the African standards. I started hating my hair, my big lips, and my black skin. It’s not until after high school graduation I started realizing my own beauty. I didn’t have to compare myself to anyone because I understand it’s important to accept your own beauty. Beauty will come in different colors, shapes, and backgrounds. It’s important to accept yourself. Loving myself has been the best thing that has happened to me. I just want to say if you feel like you don’t fit in a particular group, don’t feel bad. Being different is beautiful.”

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