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"I realized a few years ago how unique my story is. My family is from Sudan, I was born in Yemen and at the age of 8, my parents and brothers and I immigrated to Sioux Falls. I’m thankful for the opportunities I have in the states because starting in high school I’ve had some awesome opportunities with many clubs, sports and especially performances. I grew up on the stage. Choir, Show Choir, Theatre, Dance... anything on stage! I felt so comfortable there and was able to get into my "me".


People think I’m Ethiopian. I’m not and the clothes are different. This is called a Jellabiya. It’s essentially a dress. This one is for men. It’s very light and airy because the average temp there is in the 80s and it can get to the 100s often. I’m thankful for the economical stability of the states, but it’s unnerving what’s going on politically. We fled Yemen and Sudan because of the unstable government and it is frightening to see that here now. I think we’re in a position where the world will be different. Appreciate, acceptance and genuine LOVE! I’m excited for THAT world for my future family.​"

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