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"I was born in Vietnam during the war to my Vietnamese mother and American veteran father. I lived there until I was 19, then I emigrated to the US by myself. My childhood wasn’t fun. The war is over. American kids left behind. Hatred with the American soldier’s kid is not fun.

For me is the Asian parenting [explaining stereotypes]. I give my children the choice to make decisions about what they want to major in for college. I think that's the only way they do good in college. That’s ok I can remove the prejudice a little bit.

This is the traditional Vietnamese ao dai [a long gown worn with trousers]. We wear them during special occasions like to festivals, weddings, church or temple.

The most difficult thing when I immigrated to the US is the language barrier and the weather. I have lived in US for almost 30 years. As far as I know, I have integrate to be over 75% US citizen now. The first thing I want to do is go to vote. I am very honored that I am Vietnamese American. Thank you for United States of America."

Edited for readability. 

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