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Community Center

REVIEW: 2015. Design a community education center that is open to the public and clients to learn more about Face It TOGETHER's drug and alcohol addiction program. The requirements for this space were to incorporate a variety of collaboration areas and learning environments that could also host events and a kiosk.

CONCEPT: Help those in need cultivate a brighter future for themselves & their loved ones by assisting them to overcome their addictions. The emphasis of the FACE IT TOGETHER space is to be eco friendly & sustainable, which presents the opportunity of using recycled & recovered materials. This is a literal and subconscious effort to show clients that even though something is worn out & well used, there's still a chance it can be restored with the right treatment & continue to have an important roll to its surroundings.


The walls are made of reclaimed and recycled wood similar to the reception desk. The planks that reach the ceiling extend across the ceiling to create a pergola. The rest of the wall is made of various mosses and vines. The screens on the wall are interactive tablets for the community to learn about the Face it TOGETHER company, client testimonies, etc. 


Any classroom activity or special speaker is able to utilize this collaborative space. This media space continues the nature aspect to resemble a patio layout. The dim lights mimic dusk and allow the projector or speaker to have everyone's undivided attention. 


This interactive space is made to conform to any activity needed. There is plenty of shelves and cupboard space for storage, desks, and mobil chairs. Along the brick wall are various boards like white, cork, chalk, and smart boards. 


The reception desk is compiled of multiple reclaimed 

timber beams with voids acting as planter boxes.


This is a space everyone can utilize. It includes a retail space that people first walk into as well as a coffee bar and lobby area. A hallway found in the retail space leads to an office, conference room, and the restrooms. 

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