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Corporate Office

REVIEW: With the millennial generation beginning to enter the work force, it's time to explore how working spaces can better support the needs for employees of all ages. Using products from Haworth, the challenge is to design a working environment for the future that pushes the boundaries, meets the program objectives, and represents the next trends with working environments. Haworth is a place designed to attract contingent workers such as independent freelancers, contractors, or entrepreneurs who are redefining the workplace with a new set of needs, behaviors, and values.

CONCEPT: To create productivity and inspire individual flare through the use of an industrialized look and layout characterized by modular and grid like spaces, raw features, and a soothing atmosphere. To accomplish this, I will provide a variety of different seating options and settings, enlist the use of hard materials like metal, glass, and wood but counterbalance those elements with furs, thick fabrics, knits, and carpets. 

GROUND FLOOR: Reception, Restrooms, Lobby, Kitchen, Video Conference, Printer Room, Enclaves

SEDOND FLOOR: Studio, Ideation Zone, Private Offices, Project Rooms, Classroom, Enclaves


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