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To get the gears going for this project, we had to make 100 iterations out of scratch-off letterform. Once completed, we chose our top 8 options to further develop, then pair them with an article from one of the readings.

Poster Iterations_Page_8
Poster Iterations_Page_2
Poster Iterations_Page_3
Poster Iterations_Page_4
Poster Iterations_Page_5
Poster Iterations_Page_6
Poster Iterations_Page_7
Poster Iterations_Page_1

LEFT: The key when creating the poster designs were to not over think it, just dive in and see what happens. This stage allowed me to play with text placement and scale. 

BELOW: After the last group critique, we  had to choose our top 4 favorites. The final focus was on font options and tweaking the informations placement. 

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