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Idec Competition

REVIEW: 2016. The education center in Miami, FL will help forge and nourish new connections by educating individuals on the massive and irreversible impact of deforestation in the Amazon and how it impacts communities around the world. People will experience flexibility between large and small group collaborations as well as mixed mediums of learning like technology, projectors, and writeable surfaces. Inspiration within the space will originate from the diversity of natural materials similar to those found in the Amazon Rainforest, along with organic furniture pieces that aren’t typically found in an educational setting. A story wall that wraps from the reception to the north exit will remind people of their purpose for coming to the education center and motivate them in their mission moving forward.


Connect + Restore emphasizes the importance of connecting people to a cause they’re passionate about and providing them with the tools and information needed to go out into the world to make a difference. Just like a tree needs roots and nutrients to grow, Save the Amazon utilizes an education center to inform others about the Rainforest and their cause. Along with sustainability, the main goal is to nourish, inspire, and sustain the individuals who come to the space to educate themselves about the rainforest.

Floor Plans & RCP

Perspectives & SECTION CUTS


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